Musicological Activities

Throughout the years, the GMAO organized and welcomed a number of important scientific manifestations, including a symposium entitled « Relations and interactions between Arab and Mediterranean Music » in which no less than 50 musicologists from all around the world participated. Discussion panels centred on the future of the European lute and the Arab oud, the Oriental violin, the ney, the Qanoun and percussion instruments, also gathered participants from across the Musical spectrum. Night concerts were also organized alongside all these scientific activities, and served as demonstrations of the scientific debates and seminars presented by specialists. 


An international symposium on the person and work of Manoubi Snoussi, one of the pioneers in terms of musicology in Tunisia and a great connoisseur of Tunisian and Arab musical traditions, was also organized. Simultaneously, the Centre also organized a documentary exposition on the life and work of Manoubi Snoussi.


Musicological activities also involve organology. Indeed, the GMAO musical instruments workshop aims to research the making of musical instruments and revitalize ancestral methods of  string instruments making. In 1992, the workshop organized a National competition of Tunisian oud making and achieved a pilot operation consisting of the making of an Oud (Arab lute) from a  10th century manuscript. The workshop is also dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of the GMAO collection of musical instruments.


The promotion and spread of studies and research on Music and the constitution of the Musical Heritage are also a part of the fundamental missions of the Centre. In this framework, the GMAO launched a large scale operation in 1998 aiming to gather and publish a series of radio programs (188 in total) that were produced and broadcasted in the sixties, and covered all aspects of  Tunisian music.

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