• Musical and Therapeutic Mediation in partnership

    Friday 28 September 2018

    The Center for Arab and Mediterranean Music hosts, on September 28 and 29, 2018, the International Symposium: Musical and Therapeutic Mediation in partnership with the National Association of Music Therapy. Lectures will be given by Tunisian and foreign music therapy experts. The event will be open to the public on September 28 from 8:30 to 16:30 at the Ennejma Ezzahra Palace in Sidi Bou Said.... [+]

  • Rawabit III

    Friday 28 September 2018

    The Polish Embassy in Tunis, in cooperation with the Center for Arab and Mediterranean Music, is honored to invite you to the concert "Rawabit III" which will take place on Friday, September 28, 2018 at 21h at the Palace Ennejma Ezzahra in Sidi Bou Said.... [+]

Denise King and Gas Blues Band
Wednesday 28 March 2018
Boney Fields
Tuesday 27 March 2018

Our Collections

  • Musical instruments

    Housed within the palace in what used to be a domestic service wing, the permanent exhibition of musical instruments occupies two rooms and represents the most complete collection to date of musical instruments in use in Tunisia... [+]

  • Art objects

    The objects to be found in the Ennejma Ezzahra palace Despite their number (2600 inventoried artefacts and works of art), their piecemeal origins and the diversity of their styles, they succeed in creating a harmonious balance with the space they inhabit.... [+]

Our Publications

  • Cd's

    The creation of the “Ennejma Ezzahra” label dates back to 1995, when the first title “Tarab: a tribute of Ennejma Ezzahra to Ali Sriti”, a live non commercial recording was released. It was the Centre for Arab and Mediterranean Music’s first musical production.... [+]

  • Books

    The promotion and dissemination of studies and research on music and the researching of musical heritage, and carrying out and disseminating of research or studies related thereto are among the basic tasks of the Centre... [+]



Médiations musicales-médiations thérapeutiques
SEP 28

Médiations musicales-médiations thérapeutiques

The Center for Arab and Mediterranean Music together with Sotumedia publishing announce the publication of a joint book entitled « Médiations musicales-médiations thérapeutiques », which will be presented to the public during the International Symposium on Music Mediation and Music Therapy to be held at Ennejma Ezzahra Palace in Sidi Bou Said on 28 and 29 September 2018. The book is a collection of studies – made by Tunisian and foreign university experts - on the latest scientific developments in the field of music therapy, such as the treatment applications for premature babies and children with special needs and how to exploit music as a medium to develop autists mental abilities and decrease cancer patients stress during chemotherapy sessions....

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